National Dental Plan

A dental payment solution tailored for dentists and patients.

Thornton Dental National Dental PlanThe National Dental Plan is a dental payment designed to help dental professionals and their patients by financing treatment plans. By breaking down the cost into affordable fortnightly payments, NDP allows dental patients to have their treatment plan completed at the time required.

NDP is the only dental payment in Australia that is integrated with Dental4Windows, which pays you upfront. In addition, the National Dental Plan is Australia’s only “No Interest Ever” dental payment solution.

National Dental Plan for Dental Practice

Developed with Dentists for Dentists – every part of the NDP’s service has been designed around the specific needs of a dental practice.

Dental4Windows Integration – The National Dental Plan is already integrated into your D4W software, which allows you to perform administrative tasks in one familiar setting and make the integration more efficient.

Up-front Payment – the plan pays the dental practice upfront on the start of the first treatment. With NDP, the process of managing process is a lot simpler as it takes the responsibility of collecting patient payments.

Fast Application Time – With the National Dental Plan, applications are approved quickly. The entire application process can only take less than 5 minutes from start to finish.

Up to $9,000 is Made Available to the Patient – NDP gives dental patients up to $9,000 to spend on treatments and services with dentists.

National Dental Plan for Patients

“No Interest Ever” means that patients can conveniently pay for their treatment plan over time. Best of all, dental patients don’t need to pay interest on the amount they owe.

The application process is simple, fast and efficient. It takes only a few minutes to complete. The patient must meet the following criteria:

  • Have bank account or credit card
  • Australian citizen
  • 18+ years
  • Permanent resident with driver’s licence
  • Employed/Self-employed or Aged or Veterans pensioner

The patient fee structure is also very simple. Patients will pay:

  • An establishment fee to set up an account
  • Fortnightly payment processing fees
  • A monthly account keeping fee

In addition, they can make additional payment or pay their dental plan out early without any extra fees.

National Dental Plan Benefits

More reasons to choose the National Dental Plan:

  • Your own “No interest ever” payment plan solution that retains patients, with 94% of applicants approved
  • A simple user interface, which takes 5 minutes, with approval time taking 30 seconds
  • Integrated with your D4W practice management software (where applicable)
  • A co-branded plan or branded by your practice alone
  • Patients sign up in your practice, locking in their commitment to treatment
  • A simple access fee and fee-for-use structure
  • Full support to help your practice manage the system
  • You’re paid upfront, with no risk to you

To learn more about National Dental Plan, visit their website or contact Thornton Dental on (02) 4966 2996.

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