Top 8 Ways to Tell You Have The Best Dentist in Thornton If you had to have a serious surgery, say a hip replacement or open-heart surgery, you’d want to be sure that your surgeon was the best one available.

And the same should be true concerning your dentist. Dental health plays an integral part in your overall health and quality of life, so it only makes sense that you should be certain that your dentist is great.

Luckily, there are some easy-to-check signs that you can look for to make sure your dentist is the best for you.

At Thornton Dental, we suggest you look at the following things.

Your dentist should provide an outstanding patient experience. From the moment you call to make an appointment to after-care for dental procedures, your dentist should provide great customer service.

When you call your dentist, they should answer quickly and politely. When you step into the clinic, the staff should be attentive and helpful.

Appointments should not feel hasty – you should feel you have time to ask questions, get comfortable, even get numb if you need anaesthetic. A good dentist will take time to determine who you are, the state of your dental health, and give you a complete and well-explained plan for your dental care.

The premises should be clean. Because of the work they perform, dental clinics need to be clean; beyond clean all the way to sterile.

Dentistry includes fingers and tools being placed in your mouth, one of the major portals of the body for germs and bacteria. This means it is important that anything that goes in your mouth is cleaned and sterilised to industry standards. Your dentist and their staff should use gloves and replace them after each use.

They should have examples of their work. While Australian dentists are not allowed to use testimonials in marketing, they may have a portfolio that demonstrates some of their good work.

If not that, they should at least have ‘before and after’ examples for their treatments. This is an important way they can help you visualise expected outcomes of your treatments.

Clear explanations. This is very important. Dental fees can be high, and procedures can be complicated. This is why it is critical that your dentist communicates all aspects of a procedure to you before you agree to it.

Your dentist should explain the pros and cons, alternatives, expected outcomes, prices, and timetables. You should never feel pressured into a treatment, or that you are getting a treatment you don’t understand.

Your dentist should be an educator. While visits to the dentist are undoubtedly good for your teeth, it is far healthier for you and your wallet to take care of as much dental care as possible at home.

A good dentist (and staff) will keep you aware of what you seem to be doing right and wrong, and what you can do to improve. A good dentist will always help you in looking after your own dental health, rather than waiting for something to go wrong and focusing on fixing it.

Your dentist should think beyond just your dental condition. A good dentist will consider it their job to watch your mouth for hints about your general health.

A wide variety of health issues can manifest in the mouth. These issues include circulatory problems, sleep apnea, nutritional issues, inflammatory disease and some kinds of cancers. Your dentist should be a partner in your general, not just your dental, health.

Your dentist should not “upsell”. You want a dentist – not a used car salesman! Good dentists don’t try to upsell you on products and procedures that aren’t necessary.

This can be a bit complicated, as your dentist certainly wants to give you the best treatment available, but they should also respect your financial ability and be able to present you with options that fit your entire life.

Your dentist should care about their staff. The best dentists do care about their patients, but they are also polite and attentive to their staff.

Watching your dentist interact with staff is a great way to get a notion of their personal style and help you determine if the office is the friendly kind of place you want to frequent.

There are other signs that you have (or don’t have) a great dentist, but by paying attention to these eight signs, you can get a very good idea about how good your dentist really is!

Why Choose Thornton Dental?

Our mission is to make dentistry affordable, without sacrificing quality of care.

  • We focus on patient care
  • Exceptional infection control
  • Friendly, approachable and experienced team
  • Child-friendly and relaxing environment
  • Patient comfort, safety and satisfaction are our primary goals
  • Customised care tailored to your specific needs
  • Integrity, high standards, premium quality materials
  • Anxiety control and pain management

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