Thornton Dental is committed to the promotion of good dental health and the education of all patients to help them achieve a beautiful, healthy smile for life.

Our mission is to make dentistry affordable, without sacrificing quality of care. We stand by the values of care, quality, and accessibility.

Helping patients of all ages achieve beautiful healthy smiles is our passion. You deserve only the best service possible.

More Reasons to Choose Us

Choosing the right dentist is a challenging task. Imagine picking the right one out of the pool of dentists all claiming to be the best! Don’t worry. At Thornton Dental we are here to list the qualities we have that make us the right choice.

Let’s take a look.

Premium quality services

We strive to provide all your dental needs in one place. Our dental services cover preventative to dental emergency treatments.

Up-to-date equipment and technology

At Thornton Dental, we employ the latest dental technology and equipment for our patient’s treatment and wellbeing. This allows us to give you the best dental care possible. All our dental equipment is computer monitored to guarantee that these highest standards are achieved.

Advanced sterilisation procedures

We make sure that our sterilising and infection control practices are of the highest standard. We follow strict set of rules, which we impose on our patients as well.

Patient comfort

We are a patient-centred dental facility and place great importance on your comfort during your visit. Rest assured that we help you relax and enjoy your dental appointment through our anxiety control and pain management techniques.

Health Funds

Thornton Dental is proudly accredited preferred provider by HCF, NIB and All the Insurers of, so you don’t have to worry about how to pay. Get the dental treatment you need without the hassle.

Affordable dentistry

We support the National Dental Plan, Veteran’s Affair, and Child Dental Benefits Schedule for affordable quality dentistry.


We want to encourage everyone to take better care of their teeth through our available promotions. Check our promotions page.

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