the fastest way to straighten your teeth orthodontics in thornton At Thornton Dental, our patients with misaligned teeth all eventually ask us some version of the question, “How can I speed up the process of straightening my teeth?”

And we understand his question, as misaligned teeth are both an aesthetic and health issue for many people.

We don’t have a single answer to this question, as everyone’s dental case is individual.

Still, we completely understand that our patients would like to have their teeth straightened as quickly and efficiently as possible.

There is no ‘silver bullet’, but there certainly are ways to speed up the effects of orthodontics, both new-fangled and old-fashioned.

Let’s take a closer look at how teeth-straightening works, how it can be sped up, and your role in the process.

How can teeth move inside the jawbone?

Throughout our lives, our body naturally moves teeth, involving many cells, tissues, and complicated signalling processes.

Sometimes this results in misaligned teeth and orthodontics uses force on roots of the teeth, appliances to move the teeth, and stimulation of cells in the bones and tissues, to move teeth back into proper alignment.

This needs to be done carefully as moving teeth too quickly can lead to outcomes in which the teeth freeze in place, and the roots and surrounding tissues are damaged.

Accelerated orthodontic treatment

Several companies have recently introduced treatments to accelerate tooth movement. These techniques use pulsating pressure, bone-stimulation, and bone removal to speed up the alignment.

This is a new field of orthodontics, and these treatments may come with higher risks and a greater chance of teeth returning to misalignment.

Time will be the test of that, and none of these treatments should be undertaken lightly.

  • Propel Alveocentesis, stimulates the jawbone and increases cytokine activity, making the movement of the bone less difficult and faster. It is touted as being able to target particular teeth when needed.
  • Micro-osteoperforation (MOP), is another way to increase cytokine activity, followed immediately by the application of force to shift teeth into the proper position.
  • The AcceleDent method is an activator that the patient wears for 15-20 minutes daily. It is placed around traditional appliances, including braces, and uses gentle pulses to quicken the movement of your teeth.
  • Another technique for speeding up orthodontic treatment is surgical removal of tissue between the teeth.

The patients who are most likely to have good outcomes have healthy bones, good dental health, and all of their natural teeth.

In preparation for accelerated orthodontics, your dentist will assess your oral and facial function, and take dental impressions and X-rays.

While shortcuts may exist, the best way to achieve straighter teeth, quickly, is through tried and true treatments. The little-known ‘secret’ to speeding these treatments up is the behaviour of the patient.

Orthodontics and you

Surprisingly, the thing that often has the most significant effect on orthodontic treatment time is the patient and their behaviour.

Your dentist or orthodontist may have the most exceptional treatment plan, the best tools, and a high level of skills, but the treatment won’t go quickly if the patient doesn’t do what they should.

Here are some things that could sabotage your own treatment time:

  • Altering the pattern of your appointments, skipping appointments, or arriving late.
  • Not having related procedures done when they should be done. In many cases, other dental work is associated with straightening (extractions, surgeries, and so on).
  • Damaging your orthodontic equipment. If the foods you eat, your dental habits, or other activities damage your orthodontics, your teeth will not straighten. Damaging braces or aligners can add substantial time to your treatment.
  • Not following instructions. Your dentist or orthodontist gives you instructions that are intended to keep your treatment as fast as possible. Particularly with removable appliances like invisible aligners, you MUST wear them as instructed. If you only slap them on when you visit us, you’re going to be under treatment for a very long time!
  • Poor oral hygiene can slow down the movement of teeth and hinder our ability to give you the dental work you need.

If you are currently in treatment or considering it, and the length of treatment is an issue, the best thing you can do is to do your part as instructed by your dentist or orthodontist.

If you do your part, the treatment will stay on schedule and give you the best possible result.

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