Show You Care Give Dental Health for Father’s Day Thornton Getting Dad the perfect Father’s Day gift can be tough. Between the cliche gifts (like neckties and coffee cups) and gag gifts (like nose hair trimmers or ‘funny’ socks), it’s too easy to make the holiday a joke.

Fortunately, there are many affordable ways to express your appreciation without getting too cheesy.

And one way to really show you care is to give a gift that improves your Dad’s health. Which is why Thornton Dental has put together a handy list of Father’s Day gifts that support your Dad’s dental health!

Electric Toothbrush: Electric toothbrushes make brushing easier and more fun. They have oscillating bristles that properly and effectively clean the teeth and gums quickly and exactly. They also come with convenient features like built-in timers. Some brushes even play music as they clean teeth!

Personalised Toothbrush & Holder: Personalized toothbrushes eliminate confusion over a brush’s owner, which can be convenient in a big family. If you like you can pair a personalised toothbrush with a personalised toothbrush holder. These can be ordered online, but if you’re artsy, a search on the Internet will also turn up a variety of “do-it-yourself” ways to personalise a toothbrush holder.

Dental Travel Kit: If your Dad travel or camps, consider a dental travel kit. Dental kits come in many different sizes, but they should include a small toothbrush, mini-sized toothpaste mouthwash, and dental floss. You can find commercial kits online, or create your own that focuses on your dad’s specific dental concerns.

Unusual Dental Floss Collection: Flossing once a day increases life expectancy by six years, and we all want our Dad’s to live a long time! Dad’s who don’t floss miss cleaning 35% of their tooth surfaces! But what if your Dad doesn’t like boring old dental floss. Well, we have a couple of suggestions.

First, make a gift pack of dental floss. Here are some of the unusual flosses you can include:

  • Cupcake Frosting Flavored Dental Floss
  • Justin Bieber Dental Floss (To be honest? This may not be right for most dads!)
  • Bacon Flavored Dental Floss
  • Absinthe Flavored Dental Floss (Basically, this tastes like black licorice.)
  • Assorted Breakfast Menu Items Flavoured Dental Floss
  • Pumpkin Spice Flavoured Dental Floss
  • Pickle Flavoured Dental Floss
  • Salad Flavoured Dental Floss
  • Ranch Dressing Flavoured Dental Floss (We guess you could use this with the salad flavoured floss?)
  • Banana Flavoured, Monkey Dental Floss

If, however, your dad doesn’t like flossing at all, consider our next suggestion.

Water Flosser: A water flosser uses small bursts of pressurised water to remove bacteria, food, and other types of debris from the mouth. A water flosser not only removes debris and bacteria from your Dad’s mouth that a toothbrush may miss, but it can also help massage his gums. This can help increase blood circulation and keep his gums healthy!

Noise cancelling headphones: Music is one of the easiest distraction techniques to use. As far back as 1995, dental phobia consultants suggested music to calm dental fears. So, buy your Dad some noise cancelling headphones and help him bliss-out in the dental chair!

Home Whitening: Our smiles reveal a lot about us, which we would rather hide if we have stained and discoloured teeth. The most common causes of this are smoking and drinking red wine, tea and coffee or even some antibiotics. Over time these can lead to yellowing of your natural teeth. This means that as your Dad ages, the chances his teeth will yellow or darken increase. So why not give the gift of a more stunning smile?

Whitening at Thornton Dental can be carried out in the surgery, so your Dad’s teeth can be several shades lighter in one to two hours. He can choose the Zoom teeth whitening or regular teeth whitening. Zoom teeth whitening takes less than an hour with resulting shade eight times brighter.

Either way, your dad will leave our office with a brighter, more attractive smile!

Protecting the sporty father: If your Dad engages in a sporting activity, he should protect his teeth from possible trauma by using a mouthguard. A rubber-like mouthguard is custom designed to cushion teeth, jaws, tongue, and cheeks from a blow to the face, protecting and minimising the risk of emergencies.

In two quick appointments, Thornton Dental dentists can fit a comfortable, custom fitted mouthguard, which will serve your Dad for years.

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