Root Canal Therapy Do I Need It Dentist Thornton The very idea of root canal therapy is scary for many people. We’ve been conditioned to believe that suffering from a painful toothache – and the decay or infection that underlies it – is preferable to treatment because root canals have a reputation for being incredibly painful. This reputation is represented in stories, TV, and film.

But difficult as it might be to believe the pain factor is usually greatly exaggerated – in fact some root canals will seem more like complicated cavity-filling. And root canals are a tooth-saving procedure that can spare you more painful (and expensive) treatment down the road, up to and including the loss of your tooth!

The dentists at Thornton Dental recommend you schedule an appointment as soon as possible if you are experiencing pain, have had trauma to a tooth, or symptoms of an infection. Let’s take a look at what requires root canal treatment and what symptoms you should be looking for.

Damage leading to root canal treatment

There are several causes of damage that might require root canal treatment.

Decay. This is issue number one! If one of your teeth has decay that reaches past its outer enamel, this can cause pain in the root canals of the. Harmful bacteria love tooth decay, which is why Thornton Dental is so serious about at-home care and regular visits to our office.

Damaged teeth. Chipped or cracked teeth can cause pain and damage requiring a root canal. Bacteria can enter the inner part of the tooth through these damaged areas.

Repeated procedures. Repeated dental procedures in the same area of a tooth can cause pain and decay that requires a root canal treatment.

What are the signs you might need a root canal?

There are a variety of symptoms that are signs that you should immediately visit us to see if a root canal (or lesser treatment) is needed.

Serious tooth pain. Pain in your teeth is never a good sign. Experiencing serious pain while eating or applying pressure to your tooth can be a sign that you may need a root canal. If you feel pain in your teeth, do not ignore or try to “live through” it. It is a sign that you need to visit Thornton Dental.

On the positive side, not every type of pain is indicative of an infection that requires root canal, and the sooner you get pain looked at, the more likely it is that it can be treated short of a root canal.

Tooth Sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity after exposure to hot or cold foods or drinks is a warning sing to see your dentist. Although tooth sensitivity can be caused by many things (e.g. receding gums), it can also be a sign of infection. In general, heat sensitivity is associated with more serious problems than cold sensitivity, but both should be monitored.

The important thing to look for is prolonged sensitivity. Lingering sensitivity it is a red-flag that should send you to your dentist immediately.

Bumps on your gums. One little known symptom of an infection is tiny bumps on your gums. If you see anything that looks like a bump or pimple around a tooth that hurts, it could be a sign that a root canal is in your future.

However, It is quite possible to have an infection without any bumps or pimples on your gums! So if you have other symptoms, don’t let the lack of bumps on your gums keep you away from the dentist!

Tooth discolouration. Sometimes infection and dead matter inside a tooth can lead to a darkening of its external color. And if there is dead matter inside a tooth, it creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

If a tooth is discolouring or darkening, have it checked by your Thornton Dental dentist immediately.

Swollen gums. Swelling of the gums can be another sign you need a root canal. This swelling may be accompanied by tenderness as well.

Combined symptoms. If you are experiencing multiple symptoms listed here, something is definitely wrong with your teeth, and root canal may be the answer. Don’t waste any time, and set up an appointment with Thornton Dental as soon as possible. We’ll do whatever is possible to treat the tooth without root canal treatment, but if you do need it, we offer safe, convenient, and cutting-edge root canal treatmet!

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