oral hygiene tips for the holidays from your thornton dentist The holidays are a time for friends, family, and celebration.

At this happy time of the year, Thornton Dental is pleased to share our holiday best wishes with our patients and tell them how glad we have been to serve you in 2019.

We look forward to serving you again in 2020 and the years to follow.

Because we hope to see you, happy and smiling in the New Year, we are here to offer some dental advice for surviving the holiday with your oral health intact.

Holidays often mean seasonal foods that are sugary, acidic, hard, chewy, and sticky.

All this represents a serious threat to your teeth and dental health, which is why, during the holidays, we recommend you pay close attention to your dental health, despite all the exciting distractions of the season.

This means, at home, keep to your good habits of brushing twice daily and flossing once.

Also, maintain your regular dental visits to Thornton Dental, and if you don’t have an appointment scheduled, make one for after the holidays, when we can check your teeth for the effects of holiday food and drink.

Finally, this time of year brings an increase in dental injuries, so be careful.

If you do have a dental trauma, Thornton Dental always tries to give same-day appointments to patients who have an emergency.

With all that said, here are some dental health tips to protect your oral health throughout the holidays. And into the new year.

Let’s talk about the holiday diet, which can be a little unhealthy.

Eat “good” foods

Sugary, hard, sticky, chewy, or acidic foods are delicious but dangerous.

Foods like taffies, candy canes (which are both hard AND sticky!), mint chews, ice cubes (OK, not a food, but dangerous, chestnuts, can crack teeth and damage dental treatments, appliances, and restorations.

If you eat these foods, eat them carefully and balance them with dental-healthy foods like vegetables, cheese, and water.

Make traditional holiday treats healthier

Substitute good for bad. You can still make the delicious treats you and your loved ones enjoy but improve those treats while you make them.

Use whole-wheat instead of white or use non-sugar sweeteners.

Substitutions exist for almost anything bad for your teeth or general health, and the Internet is a great place to find the substitutes.

Be mindful of the ‘prosecco smile’ and other beverage threats

Prosecco has become increasingly popular, with sales spiking.

But if you love a bit of bubbly, or any other alcohol, it could be bad news for your teeth – leading to a condition that some call ‘the prosecco smile’.

The more acid and sugar in a drink, the worse it is for your teeth.

The acid attacks tooth enamel and the sugar feeds oral bacteria, creating even more acids that can attack teeth, lead to plaque then tartar, and eventually cause tooth decay and gum disease.

And, by the way, this goes for sugary and acidic fruit juices and sodas as well.

If it’s possible, add ice to your drink to reduce the risk of damage to your teeth. Ice dilutes your drink, and its cold nature reduces the acidity of drinks.

If you can, drink through a straw, as this whisks sugar and acid past your teeth.

Because of the acidic nature of some drinks, brushing too soon after drinking can make things worse, as the enamel is weakened.

Instead, after you’ve had your last drink, wait a bit before brushing your teeth.

We don’t expect that you will avoid all of the delicious treats and beverages that come with the holidays, we ask that you practice moderation and take care of your teeth.

Eat just a few treats and mix them with vegetables, cheese, and other healthy foods, including a generous dose of water, which helps clean and support tooth health.

And when you’re done eating these delicious treats, be sure to treat your mouth right by brushing, rinsing, or using chewing gum to clean your teeth.

With just a bit of attention, you can enjoy the foods and drinks of the holiday season without harming your teeth or oral and general health.

Visit Thornton Dental

While your holidays the holidays can be hectic, they are also a great time to visit a dentist.

If you can’t visit a dentist during the holidays, schedule an appointment just after, to clean off any effects of holiday sweets!

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