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At Thornton Dental we are often asked how long a dental crown can be expected to last. The answer, of course, varies.

The first thing to know is that crowns can last a very long time – in some cases even a lifetime. This is partially due to how well-designed crowns are.

A lot of research and science goes into the technology used to make crowns. High tech ceramics used in crowns need to be strong, function like real teeth and are and also look natural in the mouth.

At the same time, crowns are designed to be installed into a wet environment and survive in a wet environment for their entire lifespan of many, many years.

How long a particular crown stays in place is a combination of factors including materials used, skill and experience of your dentist, and your post-placement care for the crown.

Factors that Determine Dental Crown Longevity

  • Tooth location (rear or front)
  • Condition of the original tooth under the crown
  • Grinding or clenching
  • Oral hygiene and care of the crowned tooth
  • Harmful habits (chewing ice, fingernails, removing bottle caps)
  • Materials used (gold, zirconia, porcelain fused to metal, etc.) and proper manufacture
  • Installation
  • Full or partial crown
  • Periodontal health (gum disease)
  • External trauma (accidents)

Oftentimes, insurance companies will pay for a crown to be replaced if failure occurs after 5 to 8 years. Many dentists, however, more optimistically say that a crown should last from 5 to 15 years.

A Study Demonstrates the Remarkable Longevity of Crowns

  • When dental crowns are the optimum solution for the dental problem,
  • When crowns are manufactured well, using the appropriate materials,
  • When installed properly by a dedicated, expert professional, and
  • When diligent patient home care is consistently practiced

Dental crowns can last as long as decades!

One study followed 2,340 crowns installed by a single specialist. The study reported that 10 years after installation, the success rate was a whopping 97% (2270 crowns that lasted over a decade). At 25 years on, the success rate was a still an impressive 85%. Out of 2,340 crowns 1,989 lasted over 25 years (Walton, 2013)!

The failure rate of 3% at 10 years and 15% at 25 years does demonstrate that long-term success is not guaranteed. To ensure that crowns do last, we need to take proper care of our teeth, especially those with dental crowns.

Guiding Principles for Dental Crown Treatment at Thornton Dental

Proper Diagnosis: Dental crowns are not always the most appropriate treatment. Thornton Dental recommends them only in cases that they are the best long-term solution with the highest chance for successful treatment.

Top Notch Materials: Based on the location of the tooth or teeth to be treated, the bite characteristics of the individual patient, and the desired aesthetic affect, Thornton Dental recommends the appropriate material and construction of the crown.

Because of its extreme durability, we often recommend zirconia, but it is not always the only choice. Your needs and desires are always a paramount concern before deciding which materials will be best for your installation.

Expert Installation: At Thornton Dental we have installed dental crowns for many years and have the training and experience needed for a successful procedure. We carefully prepare the tooth and crown, and use only the finest cements available to ensure a solid and long-lasting fit.

At Thornton Dental, we strive to provide a virtually pain free experience, no matter what treatment is being performed. Our staff is also well-trained in alleviating pre-treatment anxieties or concerns.

Home Care: We also help you attain the highest level of at home oral hygiene for your dental crown (and all of your teeth). Home care is crucial for your crown’s longevity, because the healthier your mouth is, the better your chances are of having a problem free dental crown for many, many years.

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